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Management and Strategy Consulting

We analyze markets and create a business strategy that works effectively and efficiently your business or proposed business. Creating a strategy is not an activity where executives can succeed by sheer effort and creativity. Judging what strategy to pursue should ideally be grounded in a probing assessment of a company’s external and internal situation.

The essence of the strategy development

Correct implementation will manifest within organizational activities – choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals.

Failing which, the strategy will be nothing more than a marketing slogan that will not withstand competition.

Once the competitive strategy has been developed, it’s our belief that the only way to implement the strategy is to define the desired objectives and measures that will drive the strategy and required

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain division works closely with various business entities that interlink with each, we are thus able to get you in touch with reliable partners in order for you to conduct business operations across the globe with ease.
Services provided by us and our outsourced partners, include but is not limited to ,: supply chain optimisation, consulting,insurance , technology, procurement, third-party distribution, transport, multi-temperature controlled product distribution, bulk raw material transportation, warehousing, inbound and outbound freight forwarding, customs clearing, customs consulting, import and export consolidation, international airfreight services and bonded cross-border transport

Business Risk Management

Businesses today are unpredictable, volatile and seem to become more complex every day. By its very nature, it is filled with risk. Businesses have viewed risk as an evil that should be minimized or mitigated, whenever possible. However a comprehensive risk assessment provides a mechanism for identifying which risks represent opportunities and which represent potential pitfalls. Risks can have negative impact, positive impact, or both. Risks with a negative impact can prevent value creation or erode existing value. Risks with positive impact may offset negative impacts or represent opportunities.

The business risk management process involves

Identifying Risks
Spotting the evolving risks by studying internal and external factors that impact the business objectives
Analyzing Risks
It includes the calibration and, if possible, creation of probability distributions of outcomes for each material risk.
Respond to Risk
After identifying and analyzing the potential risk, an appropriate strategy needs to be incorporated. Either by establishing new processes or eliminating, depending on the type and severity of the risk.
Monitoring risk and opportunities
Continually measuring the risks and opportunities of the business environment. and keep a check on the performance of management strategies implemented.

Types of business risks


Hazard Risk

A hazard is anything in the workplace that has the potential to harm people. Hazard risk includes factors that are not under the control of the business environment, such as fallout of machinery or dangerous chemical, natural calamities.


Operational Risk

Evaluation of risk loss resulting from internal process, system, people or due to any external factor through which a company operates.

Financial Risk

Many businesses often take financial asset risks. Sometimes choosing the wrong supplier or distributor can have a negative affect. Financial risk also includes risk in pricing, currency exchange and during liquidation of any asset. Business risk management should say how much risk is too much in financial relationship.

Strategic Risk

May arise from poor business decisions or irrelevant business plans and losing the competition in the market. Failure to respond to changes in the business environment or inadequate capital allocation can also represent strategic risk

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Management consulting and training

We provide corporate training solutions and business consulting services to private and public sector clients in South Africa and wider African markets including:
  • Skills Development

  • Management Consulting

  • Project Management Services

  • Corporate Training

  • Basic English


Company Formation

We assist in setting up business structures in the following countries


South Africa









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