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With modern technology at our fingertips and analysis tools, here at Zensure, we make this choice simple. Our professional brokers consult with our clients to determine which plan suits their needs & their pocket. We have specialist consultants with extensive knowledge of what each scheme has to offer.

As a value-added service to our clients

We attend to the following queries on their behalf:

  • Hospital authorizations
  • In and out of hospital claims
  • Chronic Benefit application and detailed benefit needs analysis per individual case
  • General queries regarding existing individualized benefits within various medical aid plans
  • Queries relating to and or directly related to scheme exclusions and or to any pre-existing conditions to create a pleased customer
  • Year-end annual increase notifications are sent out to all our clients

The Difference in Medical Cover

Although medical schemes have different options to choose from, the options vary in their offered benefits. For instance, depending on your policy scheme, you can get between 100% – 300% of your hospital costs reimbursed by your medical aid. Being 100% covered means you do not have to stress about the financial burden of being hospitalized.

As a value add we attend to the following queries on our clients behalf







General queries

Gap Cover

Avoid medical practitioner shortfalls and co-payments

 Gap cover ensures that you won’t feel the impact of these costs by supporting the financial difference. It covers all the monetary shortfalls of your current medical aid scheme.

The Difference in Gap Cover

A Hospital Cash Plan pays out a pre-determined amount per day that the member is in hospital and is not generally related to the actual hospital expenses. The cover sometimes starts with effect from the second or third day in the hospital and is generally not condition-specific. Therefore the amount paid is not linked to the patient’s condition.


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